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Carlota Design & Interior was first founded by Mr. Husein Assegaf in the year 2003. It began operations in its head workshop in Kampung Gedong, Jakarta Timur.

Carlota Design & Interior began from requests for home renovations and as a result of customer satisfaction, Carlota Design & Interior established its name in the vicinity and began receiving repeated orders from clients asking for furniture design for their office and shop

As a result, its workforce reaped into many other cities such as Depok, Bogor, Bali, Gorontalo and Malang with its head oice now situated on Level 15, 18 Oice Park TB Simatupang, South Jakarta.


We provide future architects !

Carlota Design & Interior oer a complete and personalised interior design and manufacture experience.
We guide our clients through the design stage, choosing color pallets and materials then we transform those ideas into comfortable and functional furniture.

interior solutions

Building a residence, is not only about constructing buildings, but also must be accompanied by the selection of interior design concepts and the determination of the layout of the furniture. Our job is to provide you with solutions for these matters.

Kitchen Set

If you don’t want to bother thinking about kitchen furniture, a kitchen set is the right solution for a modern kitchen. The kitchen set is the main main element in a kitchen, small or large kitchen size, it will always be equipped with a kitchen set.

Vertical Residence

The concept of interior decoration and arrangement is a determinant of the comfort of activities in a minimalist residence. The bed, kitchen, cupboard and bathroom were forced to become one room. Create a comfortable residence through the placement of elegant and functional furniture in the room.


Make choices in spatial planning, don’t let furniture be arranged but not functional. We guarantee that the room arrangements we offer are functional and still pay attention to aesthetics.


Office Room

We present a warm and modern office atmosphere. featuring a modern architectural style with a touch of old school on the ornaments making the office a modern vintage feel.



To design your dream home, we consistently apply seven interior design elements including line, shape, light, color, space, pattern and texture. In creating designs for your home, we always keep these interior design elements in balance. For our team, this is key in creating an aesthetically pleasing interior.

Grand Depok CIty House’s

A comfortable and modern kitchen is every client’s dream, that’s why we try to make it happen.

Kalindra Town House

one of our clients dreams of having a classic home but still using modern materials.

Nayumi Samtower Apartment

an apartment with Japanese culture nuances with a Mediterranean touch, unified with Indonesian customs.

Graha Telkom Sigma

housing with a minimalist house concept in the middle of a beautiful settlement, the selection of materials is a benchmark for home comfort.

OZE Advertising

layout that is beyond reason makes this client’s choice. we make dreams come true while still paying attention to aesthetics.

Aston Hotel Gorontalo

modern style, maybe that’s what we think. a detailed design with a luxury theme but still pay attention to aesthetics.

Let’s Custom Your Dreams !


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Workshop : Jl. Waru No. 46, Kampung Tengah, Condet, Kramat Jati, Jakarta Timur
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